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Supply Chain Finance Platform for Small and Mid-size Businesses

Unlock working capital and experience cash flow freedom with Triterras’
Supply Chain Finance solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Triterras’ Supply Chain Financing program

A vector illustration of the Supply Chain Finance (SCF) platform.

Managing payments and the needs of global suppliers can be challenging.

That is why Triterras is breaking new grounds with its digital solution to help the world’s buyers and suppliers finance receivables more easily and at lower interest rates.

With Triterras’ Supply Chain Finance (SCF) platform, take full advantage of customized, easy-to-use supply chain financing as a way to optimize working capital by speeding up cash flow.

By associating with multiple lending partners, we facilitate access to capital across a broad risk spectrum, ensuring mutual success for corporates, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) vendors and lenders.

how triterras’ supply chain financing benefits your business

Secure your supply chain from disruption with Triterras’ supply chain finance solution. In a time of unprecedented uncertainty, traders gain a competitive advantage by safeguarding the security of stock/ goods or services being exported or imported – whether it be for retail, manufacturing, electronics, automotive or countless other sectors. 

Triterras benefits organizations on both ends of the supply chain, enabling buyers to extend their payments and suppliers to get early payment. In short, our supply chain finance solution is a proper win-win solution for both trading partners.

A vector image of the warehouse storing illustrates the Supply Chain Finance (SCF) platform.

Explore global trade opportunities with confidence

Take advantage of instant, flexible credit and easy liquidity for your business with Triterras’ supply chain finance solution.

Eligibility Criteria

Business Experience

3+ years of industry experience.

Track History

Financially solid transaction track record history.

Working women at their store with a digital tablet illustrates the eligibility criteria for Supply Chain Financing solutions.
A young female business owner checking on the requirements for supply chain financing.

For Supply Chain Financing

For us to quickly process your credit application in order to provide you with our supply chain financial services, we will need the following documents:


Our supply chain finance program is structured to improve working capital position by leveraging stronger credit ratings. The process typically involves the buyer, seller and lender.


A mobile version of the infographic that shows the involvement of the buyer, seller, and lender in supply chain financing.

At the invoice's maturity date, the buyer/ borrower settles the loan amount.


Prior to shipment, the Purchase Order (PO) is raised by the buyer and a Performa Invoice (PI) is issued by the supplier.


The buyer instructs the financier to pay the supplier.


The financier makes payment to the supplier based on the PO and related PI.


The goods are released by the supplier to the buyer.


At maturity, the buyer repays the Financier (Principal + Interest).

Fortify your supply chain with Triterras and encourage your business to prosper.

Fortify your supply chain with Triterras and encourage your business to prosper.

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frequently asked questions (faqs)

Late payments from buyers are the biggest impediment that can cause a cash crunch that can lead to slow or nil growth. However, with supply chain financing, organizations can ensure cash flow continuity even when other short-term credit options are unavailable.

Like most banks and financial institutions, we will conduct your credit evaluation based on your most recent bank statement, and VAT return statements.

With the correct documentation, the process takes no more than 15 days.

Supply chain finance is affordable because buyers need not incur extra expenses to extend the payment period. The supplier pays a discounted rate to clear their outstanding payment before the deadline.

The interest rate is calculated based on the daily usage of the credit limit.

The main difference lies in our digital supplier onboarding process, which makes it hassle-free and quick for suppliers’ KYC process to be completed.
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