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Triterras’ Flexible Working Capital Financing Solutions: Empowering Your Business

Reliable capital funding resources to help your business grow.

Triterras’ Working Capital
FINANCING solutions

Whether funds are needed to expand your business, procure new inventory or just run day-to-day operations effectively, having a steady inflow is critical for any business to function seamlessly.

With Triterras’ working capital financing solutions, access to business loans is now less of a challenge. We have a tightly integrated network of direct lenders who can help with the financing you need.

Our team is experienced in working with all types of commercial funding options, bringing inclusive finance solutions for the world’s Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), mid-size corporations and large conglomerates.

Overcome cash flow challenges, optimize your operational efficiency and focus on what you do best – running your business.

Explore our comprehensive suite of capital financing options tailor-made for your specific business objectives.

Business people are working on working capital solutions using a digital tablet and charts.

our Flexible Working Capital Funding

Our team works with you to understand your business model and helps you structure a customized funding solution that best suits your needs.

  • Invoice Finance
    Cash your receivables

    Get a loan secured against outstanding invoices. Invoice discounting is a great option when there is a limited number of high-quality clients with great credit history.

  • Marketplace Solution
    Gain flexible credit for goods in transit

    Get quicker invoice settlements, enjoy flexible credit facilities for goods in transit and simplify your import/export processes.

  • eCommerce Receivables Financing
    Hassle-free small loans to fund your business

    Designed exclusively for e-commerce entrepreneurs, get fast approvals for the flexible financing you need to accelerate your business growth.

  • Supply Chain Finance
    Make early payments or provide extended payment terms

    Launch a program with large corporate clients that rewards MSME suppliers with early payments and provides corporate clients with extended payment terms.

Go from small to big!
Our approval process is

straight-forward & hassle-free.

The benefits of Working Capital Loans for Small Businesses

Financial fluctuations are a part of every business. There’s no saying when you will need cash to cushion your planned or unplanned expenses.

With a working capital loan, you hold on to your cash reserves.
A working capital loan can be a critical business management tool to optimize business workflows. For example, short-term small business loans are meant to cover daily expenses, as opposed to long-term investments, such as for equipment.

Triterras offers working capital loans without any equity transaction and serves as a lifeline for businesses struggling without a predictable revenue stream.

Here are some more examples of how working capital loans can be utilized:

Streamline Cash Flow

Maximize the return on your available capital and ensure business continuity even during off peak seasons.

Invest in Inventory

Drive revenue by stocking best-sellers or investing in innovative product lines or services.

Expand Your Workforce

Bolster business growth by hiring the most talented candidates and ensure retention by paying them well.

Procure Better Equipment

Enhance business efficiency by procuring the latest technology and equipment, or simply utilize the money to cover maintenance expenses.

Why choose Triterras’
Working Capital Financing Solutions?

A businesswoman shaking hands with a professional in a meeting illustrates choosing Triterras for working capital funding solutions.

We Know Your Industry

Providing the right financing solution for a wide range of businesses is what we do.

We Simplify Your Application Process

No tedious paperwork and/ or long hours of waiting. Approval can be done in a matter of minutes.

We Deliver High Approval Rates

We have options to get you business capital even if you have been rejected elsewhere.

We Offer Flexible Solutions

Cash availability is made to business owners so money can be invested in the business in order to meet expansion goals. You retain full control of the company to meet your short-term and long-term needs. 

Short-term loans generally have a short payback period, often in one year or less. We offer flexible loan tenors that could range from 15 to 120 days.

We Create Equal Opportunity

Access to funding is available regardless of the size of your business or customer base.

We Care For Your Funding

We take a closer look at you and your business than just your credit score and/ or your P&L balance sheet.

The Triterras Advantage:

Make it Yours!

Don't let traditional bank loans keep you away from availing quick capital funding for your business.

Call the Triterras team today to find out more!

faqs on Working Capital Loans

Finding and understanding the right funding source to fuel your business can take a lot of work.
It is natural to want to discover how loans and capital financing options work to your benefit.

Find answers to some of the most common questions on working capital loans.

There is a general assumption that acquiring capital loans is a long and tedious process. However, Triterras has simplified the process with easy online applications. Our team has the ability to get your loan approved within five working days for micro businesses and up to three weeks for SMBs.

For large corporates, we create bespoke structures and the timelines which can be discussed on a case-by-case basis, with our Relationship Management teams.

Contrary to what many people think, securing a loan even when your business is doing well is smart because the money will fund more than just your overdue bills.

Let’s say, for example, that you are running a restaurant packed with customers every night. Acquiring a bigger space may be what is needed to retain and attract new customers – and that is where a business loan could make itself useful. You can use it to:

  • Pay an advance for the new place
  • Hire more staff to help you
  • Pay for the moving costs
  • Buy new kitchen equipment

Generally, working capital loans give you the flexibility to fund many of your business requirements. In this context, you can acquire many flexible loan options, such as:

  • Business expansion loans
  • Merchant cash advances
  • Working capital loans
  • SBA loans
  • Business lines of credit

You can understand how effectively your business uses its resources by looking at your cash reserves and assets. A financially healthy company will have plenty of assets, accounts receivable, inventory and liquid cash. It is possible, however, to run out of money when you have to purchase new inventory while waiting for a customer to pay an invoice. When cash on hand is short, financing solutions can help your business bridge the gap.

You should consider if the capital will fuel your business growth and help you during a short-term financial crisis. When applying for capital financing, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much capital does my business require?
    What are the interest rates?
  • What collateral(s) may be required?
  • How much are the fees, or even prepayment penalties?
  • What are the monthly repayment options?

Let our reputable lenders help you secure a working capital loan regardless of how well your business is doing.

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