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FinTech’s Green Revolution: Nurturing Sustainable Practices Among Small Businesses

Ashish Srivastava, our Triterras' Chief Commercial Officer shares in-depth with Intelligent Fin.Tech, a global technology intelligence platform which gathers the latest financial information, on how...

Revolutionizing Trade Finance with Tech, Collaborations & SME Empowerment

In an exclusive interview with Dubai Diaries on pages 18 to 20, Ashish shares his thoughts on harnessing new technologies (AI, ML), enhancing user experience...

Triterras Announces Collaboration with Card Cutters

The collaboration agreement with Card Cutters will allow Triterras to directly promote its end-to-end digital lending services to their clients in the UAE; this initiative...

How blockchain is reshaping UAE trade

Ashish Srivastava, Triterras' COO shares with Edge Middle East on how embracing fintech solutions which are based on blockchain, can bring numerous benefits to businesses...

Invoice Bazaar collaborates with Cari for financing solutions to Restaurants

The strategic alliance seeks to introduce Invoice Bazaar’s comprehensive financial solutions to restaurants affiliated with Cari's food delivery platform in the UAE, which will allow...

The Changing Face of Supply Chain Finance: New Corridors & New Techniques

BY Triterras
Watch Marina Narganes, our Triterras' Head of Distribution & Sales Strategy in action, as she speaks alongside industry experts at the ITFA Conference 2023.

Triterras’ e-commerce financing accelerates growth of platform operators & their MSME clients

BY Triterras
With Triterras' E-commerce Receivables Financing solution for the platform's MSME clients, operators and aggregators can now promote a critical solution to a key business challenge that their clients face, create and retain their loyalty, allow clients to increase their spending on platform promotions to boost ranking and staying ahead of competitors.

Revolutionizing Trade Finance: The Triterras Solution

BY Triterras
Triterras, a company that is revolutionizing the trade and supply chain finance industry with cutting-edge technology, supported by a team of expert professionals. Our Kratos platform, built on Hyperledger blockchain technology, offers complete transparency and efficiency to lenders. Our team possesses premier legal, trade finance, and international trading expertise, providing unmatched value-add to our lenders in origination, structuring, and operations. We offer flexible solutions, including outsourcing of back office administration tasks, and a secure environment that instils confidence in our lenders. As a member of ITFA and SFA, we have received premier awards for our end-to-end solutions. Join us in demystifying trade finance and experience the benefits of our state-of-the-art technology and expert team of professionals.

KRATOS: The Ultra Secure Trade Finance Platform

BY Triterras
Triterras is committed to end-to-end security for our trade finance clients. Our platform, Kratos™, is built on secure and reliable Hyperledger blockchain technology hosted by Amazon Web Services. Our DevSecOps principles ensure that security automation is embedded in every step of our technology development life cycle. Watch this video to learn how Triterras delivers unique and complete trade finance solutions to our clients in an extremely secure environment.

Streamlining Trade Finance: The Triterras & Kratos Solution

BY Triterras
Trade finance management can be challenging with traditional paper-based systems. But with Triterras' Kratos platform which is powered by blockchain technology, the entire trade finance process is digitized for state-of-the-art efficiency. The Kratos platform eliminates the need for paper documents, providing complete transparency and a single source of truth. The platform features a robust array of risk mitigation tools, smart contracts, and information management tools, making trade finance management quicker and more efficient. The Kratos platform also offers a payment portal, automated reporting, customized permission controls, automated notifications, and trade credit insurance options. Learn about the efficiency of the Kratos platform and say 'goodbye' to the challenges of traditional trade finance management.

Triterras Demystifies Trade Finance

BY Triterras
Learn about how Triterras simplifies trade and supply chain finance lending for institutional investors. Our blockchain-enabled Kratos platform features bank-grade KYC/ AML compliance, customizable deal flows, and a secure cyber environment. So say ‘goodbye’ to the challenges of trade finance, and invest with confidence using Triterras today!

Triterras Provides Lenders With Customized Deal Flows

BY Triterras
Unlock the lucrative potential of trade and supply chain finance lending with Triterras, whose platform offers access to hundreds of qualified borrowers from across the globe, with North American and Western European corporates as buyers. Our team can create a customized portfolio based on investment criteria. Transactions range from $5,000 to $100 million. Watch to learn how Triterras helps institutional investors overcome challenges to succeed in the trade finance market!

Trade Finance: A Game Changer For Institutional Investors

BY Triterras
In this video, learn how trade finance is changing the game for institutional lenders and helping to grow businesses around the world. If you're looking for a more in-depth understanding of trade finance, its benefits and challenges, this video is perfect for you! Triterras brings to you a valuable investment opportunity with strong yields, low default rates, and compelling strategic benefits backed by the Kratos blockchain-enabled technology.
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