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Invoice Financing
for Small Businesses

Transform unpaid invoices into quick, hassle-free working capital
to meet your business’ funding needs.

Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs)

One of the biggest challenges small-medium sized businesses face is finding the right financial resources when they need them the most. A lack of financial footing hampers the ability to grow and create a sustainable revenue stream. In such situations, invoice financing can be beneficial for companies with cash tied up in unpaid invoices.

Receivables Financing (RF) or Invoice Financing is one of the most popular ways to fund SMBs by using unpaid invoices as collateral to receive cash upfront. SMBs can receive an invoice advance of a certain percentage of their invoice value, with most of the remaining amount due to be paid later.

The Triterras team can help cycle money back into your business. Don’t delay investing in projects and purchases that can propel your business forward.

Let us help relieve the pressure on your cash flow and unlock the working capital that you need.

Two business people in discussion with a laptop, a tablet, and a book illustrate Invoice Financing for SMBs.

Varies depending on market and the risk factor of the invoice

As quickly as just 5 working days

Typically between 80% to 90% of the invoice value

Typically between 30 to 90 days

how does trade receivable financing
benefit you?

Triterras’ Invoice Financing is easy: Select the invoice(s) for which you would like to finance, and we pay them upfront. When we receive payment from your customer, you get the remainder less our fees.

Adaptable Financing

Choose which of your invoices you want to finance.

Secure Financing

Manage payments more effectively without running up debts.

Flexible Financing

Short-term financing programs to run your business.

Serve Big Clients

Take on larger orders and larger clients on your terms.

Prompt Funding

Fast funding, typically within 48 hours of having submitted invoices.

Looking for low-interest loans
against your unpaid invoices?

A businessman working with invoices and bills using a calculator illustrates invoice financing.

what you need for
invoice Financing

The requirements for invoice financing for small businesses vary with every invoice financing company. Generally, to be eligible to apply for the funding, all small business owners must submit the following documents*:
*We may request other additional information about your business and clients as a part of our verification process.


Know How Our Receivables financing works

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  • Step 1
    Give us an overview of your business to one of our team members.
  • Step 2
    We will then send a link to your email where you have to register by uploading all the requested documents.
  • Step 3
    Upon the successful evaluation of the documents, we will automatically register your company into our System and begin internal credit application for your company. The whole process could take about 2 weeks, which is faster than most lenders in the market. 
  • Step 4
    Upon successful completion of your credit application, we will send you a  final term sheet and list of collateral documents required. Once all these documents are received, we will set  up your account in our system, along with the approved credit limits.
  • Step 5
    Once your company is fully set up in our system, you will be sent a digital link to upload your invoices.
  • Step 6
    Once your invoices are uploaded, your invoices will be re-evaluated and upon successful re-evaluation, your payment will be processed within 48 hours.

Stop Worrying About

Cash Crunch

Get invoice financing for small businesses
from Triterras and forge ahead worry-free with your business plans.

Stop Worrying About

Cash Crunch

Get invoice financing for small businesses
from Triterras and forge ahead worry-free with your business plans.

our clients
Love Us & Chose US

Once a Triterras client, always a Triterras client!
Read what our clients have to say about our financial services.

frequently asked questions (faqs)

One of the most significant advantages of invoice financing, is the flexibility it gives small business owners to use the money for various business needs. There are no restrictions on how the money can be used, so you can use the additional capital however you see fit. The extra cash can help you:

  • Acquire new inventory
  • Purchase business-related software or hardware
  • Resolve seasonal cash restrictions

You can use the money obtained from invoice financing for:

  • Supplier Payments
  • Rent Payments
  • Trade License Renewals
  • Salaries Payment
  • Tax payment
  • You provide your customers with products or services and invoice them. Next, you will pass the invoice details to your invoice finance provider.
  • Your invoice provider pays you a percentage on your invoice (the previously agreed-upon percentage varies according to the risks involved).
  • Invoice providers may chase payment on your behalf, or you may track the payment per usual.
  • As soon as the debtor pays your invoice, you receive the remaining amount minus any service fees that were agreed upon.

Fortunately, the process does not take up much of your time. To ensure the business’s clients are in good standing, your lender will verify the outstanding invoices and the companies with which the firm anticipates invoicing.

Yes, it does. Typically, open accounts receivables are used as collateral for invoice lending. For invoice financing, you do not need to use your property, inventory or equipment as collateral.

You can fully trust us to safeguard your information. At Triterras, we use bank-grade, 256-bit encryption to protect your data. Moreover, we do not store third-party passwords and usernames. We take Data Privacy very seriously.

Invoice financing is ideal for all kinds of small businesses with long billing cycles, such as:

  • Retail 
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Staffing
  • Wholesale and distribution
  • Logistics and transportation 

A good way to obtain favorable terms and rates is to regularly invoice creditworthy businesses.
Invoice financing is also ideal for companies that thrive on seasonal changes, as well as those that are expanding rapidly. Businesses with slow-paying customers will also benefit from this funding option.

Yes, you can, under the following conditions:
  • Invoice should not be past the due date
  • They should be from an approved customer
  • They should be verifiable from this funding option.

Invoice financing is a great alternative to traditional financing or loans and generally takes less time to process than traditional business loans. Traditional loans end up adding more liability to your balance sheet. Invoice financing uses your outstanding unpaid invoices as collateral.

Customers usually pay a certain percentage weekly until they pay the financing fee. As soon as the customer pays, the financing company repays the amount they held in reserve after deducting the processing and financing fees.

The costs involved are dependent on the client’s/ borrower’s profile. For more information, please reach out to our Relationship Managers (RMs) via the Contact Us form here.

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