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Trailblaze your FinTech career with Triterras

There’s nothing quite like the power of the people to build a better world for future generations. We invite deserving talents to be a part of an exclusive, ever-changing work environment that prepares all to adapt to a more digitized and sustainable future.

Come be a part of a high-energy team that is at the forefront of innovative financial solutions for the MSMEs.

team triterras — Who We Are

Triterras is a vibrant and diverse people-first organization. We are a team of passionate individuals with a shared interest in harnessing the power of Blockchain technology to provide valuable supply chain avenues for Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) worldwide.​

Group of young business professionals working together in an office environment.

Triterras is a
in the fintech industry

for setting aspiring benchmarks in our employee-centric policies and procedures. We value our employees, and do everything in our power to ensure a happy, healthy, and productive work environment.

innovators. pathbreakers.
Thought Leaders.

You can find them all here at Triterras. We pride ourselves in being disruptors and innovators in the FinTech space, and we assure you that a career with Triterras is always fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding!

Portrait of young finance professionals working together.

Are you passionate about bringing new ideas to the table?
Are you ready to challenge the status quo?

If so, Triterras wants you!
Let's create a more sustainable, financially strong future for MSMEs, together.

Why join triterras?

Smiling middle-aged CEO motivating a worker by shaking hands, and congratulating him for his achievement.

At Triterras, we do work that matters and employees have the flexibility to learn and grow. Our people are known for creating a strong sense of community. Triterras employees span the globe and are equally encouraged across geographies to structure their work in ways that meet expectations for high performance while allowing time to enjoy and enrich life.

Triterras is a haven providing our workforce with everything they need to thrive and advance in their career journey, which makes Triterras the perfect launchpad to skyrocket your career.

  • 01 Boundless FinTech Opportunities

  • 02 Employee-centric Policies

  • 03 Flexible Working Arrangements

  • 04 Participative Work Culture

  • 05 Diverse & Inclusive Team

Boundless FinTech Opportunities

Triterras is a pioneer in the FinTech industry, offering new and exciting opportunities to unleash your potential in a challenging and ever-evolving dynamic industry.

Employee-centric Policies

Having set high standards with our employee-centric policies and benefit schemes, our leave policies are one of the best in the industry, which include annual leaves, marriage leaves, maternity leaves, paternity leaves, childcare leaves, and compassionate leaves.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Triterras supports and encourages hybrid work arrangements as and when needed to facilitate flexible working conditions for our employees.

Participative Work Culture

Ours is a work culture where every employee knows their value to the company and how our customers, products and people work together to advance good in the world. Triterras encourages everyone to take a career path that matches personal talents, interests and goals. We provide the transparency and support to advance great ideas all while nurturing a collaborative environment that builds trust and community.

Diverse & Inclusive Team

We are strong advocates of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) agenda and are proud to share that women make up 67% of our workforce, with half (50%) at Management level.

Learning & development to boost your fintech career

Integrating Learning into Everyday Work

At Triterras we believe learning is a lifetime process. The learning and development culture is deeply ingrained in our DNA. Our Learning and Development Policy includes a dedicated budget set aside for each employee to take industry-oriented training for their career development.

Triterras offers the right kind of curated learning opportunities that will allow you to enhance your professional self. By sculpting your career pathway with Triterras, you will deepen your technology expertise and further your leadership development. We also help you simultaneously build your entrepreneurial aptitude and collaborative competence. The Triterras career experience is all you need to grow personally and professionally.

Life @ triterras

No matter if you are in the office or working remotely from around the globe, we endeavor
to make you feel welcome. Get an inside look at what it means to work at Triterras.

A collage of photos portraying the career life at Triterras.

Start an exciting journey with triterras

Get on board with our ever-ambitious team of trailblazers with a relentless passion for innovation excellence, and an insatiable desire to make a difference.

The Voices of our Employees

Ethnic inclusiveness, gender free are some adjectives to define the organizational environment.

I joined Triterras as its Vice President of Business Development in Feb 2021 when I was in the second trimester of my pregnancy. Since then, I have been supported by my bosses and colleagues during the transition phase of moving from India to UAE. My special physical needs were also well-taken care of.

At Triterras, I was not only given enough space and time to adjust between work and home as a new mother, but a phase-by-phase career plan was also prepared for my smooth return to office at the end of my maternity leave.

Swati Babel | Vice President, Business Development

Triterras fosters growth, innovation, collaboration and recognition of its employees, an ideal environment to thrive and contribute meaningfully.

Triterras’ collaborative nature encourages staff to exchange ideas freely, sparking creativity leading to ground-breaking solutions that benefit our clients, earning only their trust and loyalty, but also set us up as a prominent leader in the trade finance industry. Working at Triterras has been an immensely rewarding experience, on both professional and personal levels. Colleagues are like friends and mentors, always ready to offer support and guidance. My career with Triterras has been nothing short of extraordinary. I’m immensely grateful for the opportunities and support that I have experienced thus far. I look forward in great anticipation to contribute towards Triterras’ continued success and growth.

Sujith Trithala | Assistant Vice President, Business Development

Working in Triterras has been a tremendous rewarding journey of ample opportunities for me to learn and grow both on a professional and personal level.

It has been nearly 3 years since the end of year 2020 when I applied to establish my career in Triterras as its Customer Success Executive. Since then, I have grown to adore and look forward daily to work closely with some of the brightest, friendliest, and hard-working individuals, where every day also presents new learnings which encourages me to pursue never-ending growth and to pick up new skills, enabling me to do my job in better efficient ways with the new knowledge learnt.

Rupali Surana | Customer Success Executive

Triterras encourages the building of meaningful relationships and succeeding altogether as a team.

In my challenging and exciting role as a Customer Success Executive at Triterras, I find myself constantly surrounded by extremely talented, yet humble individuals who hail from diverse industries and expertise coming together to learn and contribute in our respective roles, towards the success of the organization. Every day brings great vibes and high energy, as nothing beats having supportive colleagues who are more than willing to share their experiences through mentorship. Being in such an environment makes me feel like I can develop my career, hone my skillset and yet enjoy my time here.

Ianis Alarca | Customer Success Executive

Triterras is known for our high level of staff inclusiveness and career growth opportunities, along with a work culture that prioritizes the well-being of employees, offering support at all levels

I applied for a career with Triterras because I was seeking a challenging opportunity in my banking operations field of expertise. What’s more, Triterras has policies in place that encourage respect, trust, empathy, and support for one another. I am continuously given opportunities to learn and develop new skills, allowing me a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment in my work area. During the Covid period, though I worked from my hometown instead of the office in Dubai, I was still entitled to all the benefits of new workplace. For aspiring job seekers looking to join Triterras, I am happy to share that Triterras is certainly a place to go to for ample opportunities for professional career growth.

Prasanna Rao | Operations Manager
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