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    Trillion gap Kratos fills

The World Trade Organization (WTO) estimates SMEs have $1.5 trillion in annual unmet trade financing needs and have 60% of their financing requests rejected by banks. Many traders cite lack of adequate trade finance as the main constraint to their growth and success. Kratos is actively addressing this problem by joining forces with alternative lenders.

Trade Finance Transformed

Kratos leverages advanced technology to attract new lending sources that address SME’s lack of access to funding, thus enabling trader growth and profitability


Minimizes operational risks through checks

Automated Portfolio

Drives profitability and visibility


Easy to use platform with user-friendly interface

Transaction Times

Applications for credit facilities or drawdowns are faster


Customizations and integrations with third party systems


Cloud-based results in zero downtime, leading to higher efficiency

Triterras’ Financing Solutions

  • Supply Chain Financing

    Buyers/Manufacturers collaborate with lenders to provide short-term financing for their suppliers & vendors

  • Invoice Discounting

    Account receivables are purchased by lenders to provide short-term financing to suppliers

  • eCommerce and Microfinance

    Working Capital Loans range from USD 10,000 to USD 50,000 through digital application

Financing Steps:

  1. Kratos completes KYC on all relevant parties
  2. Borrower selects type of financing option & requests facility from lender
  3. Lender performs due diligence & approves facility
  4. Borrower requests for transaction to be financed
  5. Lender approves the request & funds are disbursed
  6. Borrower repays lender on or before maturity

Benefits for Lenders & Traders

Risk & fraud mitigation Less risk of data modification & data tampering, as data is stored in a distributed and replicated chain of servers
Trade digitalization Fully electronic document exchange between stakeholders thus faster, less prone to human errors, and less paper intensive
Operational efficiency Reduces overhead costs and allows faster & efficient trade transactions with real-time status sharing and document access
Transparent & traceable Allows all parties to a given transaction to have complete knowledge and traceability of history since transactions are timestamped
Connected ecosystem Brings all stakeholders (traders, lenders, insurers, etc.) on the same platform to interact and conduct business

Lenders Benefits

Kratos gives lenders access to a market that they want to lend in, but often cannot otherwise reach in a cost-efficient manner


Minimizes operational risks through KYC/AML checks, company credit report checks, and checks for bill of lading & other key documents

Portfolio Diversification

Instant access to other commodities and new borrowers for a greater range of investments that fit the lenders’ risk appetite

Analytics & Reporting (Lender)

Supports strategic decisions with customizable data visualization via modular dashboard that focuses on financing metrics

Traders Benefits

Kratos addresses traders’ main problem by enabling their access to tailored financing options quickly through a transparent system that facilitates their growth

Ease of Sourcing Trade Finance

Proposes prospective lenders to buyers; increases visibility to potential financiers; timely availability of funding for trading

Seamless Transactions

Allows faster & more efficient trade transactions, thus reducing overhead costs

Analytics & Reporting (Trader)

Supports strategic decisions with customizable data visualization via modular dashboard that focuses on trading metrics

Platform Features

Industry Grade KYC/AML

Industry-grade Know-Your-Customer (KYC)/Anti-Money Laundering (AML) background checks to verify client details and enhance security and compliance

Digital Contracts

Trade documents are digitized and stored in blockchain to ensure transparency and efficiency and reduce the chances of document alteration


Customizable data visualization via modular dashboard to support strategic decision-making and provide actionable insights

User Permissions Control

Role-based and/or user-based permissions are assigned to individuals to specify what actions can be performed

Notification System

System notifications through the platform and email are in place to update users on their transactions

Chat functionality

Communicate directly with counterparts and lenders in your network and access chat history for easy reference

Solutions for Suppliers, Buyers, Traders, Lenders & Insurers

Trade Discovery

  • For buyers and sellers who wish to conduct bilateral trading with different counterparties on the platform
  • Sourcing for/selling of goods becomes more seamless

Risk Management

  • For performing strict KYC/AML checks and company credit report checks on counterparties who are using the platform
  • For checks on bill of lading

Trade Finance

  • For borrowers to source for funding for their trades from available lenders on the platform
  • For lenders to track and manage their investments via the modular dashboard which allows customizable data visualization

Supply Chain Finance

  • For suppliers to get additional operating cash by collateralizing their outstanding invoices
  • For buyer/manufacturers to extend their days payable outstanding (DPO)


  • For traders and lenders to request for credit insurance from available insurers on the platform


  • For ship owners, freight operators, and charterers to manage functional aspects of chartering, post-fixture, voyage management & voyage financials

Kratos is a solution made for the industry by the industry. Very spot-on in addressing the actual pain points!

We use this platform to help optimize our business. It is user-friendly and easy to adopt.

Kratos has helped us get the crucial trade financing we needed to complete many of our trades.

Frequently Asked Questions

The trade finance industry is dominated by multinational corporations and banks that prefer to finance large transactions, while underserving small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Banks have pulled back partially from financing SMEs because of Basel III’s increase in capital requirements and the increased scrutiny on the AML and KYC processes. In the face of these trends, banks have quite rationally focused on their largest and best multinational customers.

Several European and American funds find the market attractive but trying to address in scale is challenging. It is difficult to source, conduct due diligence and execute a loan in Asia and track it appropriately while sitting in London or San Francisco. This is especially true since funds, unlike banks, typically do not employ a large back office team to do KYC/AML background checks and detailed transactional document checks at every level. Fraud is a constant possibility given the historic lack of transparency.

This led to the creation of the Kratos platform to improve reliability in global trade and trade finance using blockchain technology.

You may click on the ‘Request Demo’ button at the top of the page or email us at [email protected]

We partner with alternative lenders and private equity managers who have longstanding relationships with Triterras.

Yes, your company name and corporate email address are required during sign-up.

Kratos is a web application developed on Ethereum decentralised technology. However, in mid 2021, we transitioned our Kratos platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS) managed Hyperledger private blockchain. It enhances Kratos’ security by placing it behind a robust ‘wall’ of security tools and protections afforded by the best-in-class AWS infrastructure, which specifically mitigates any potential security issue.

Risk Mitigation: Data is stored in a distributed and replicated chain of servers which prevents any data modification/tampering

Efficiency: Paperless documents such as e-contract, e-invoice, etc make trade transactions faster and efficient, thus reducing overhead costs

Traceability: Transactions are timestamped and chronologically stored in blocks, ensuring complete history for each transaction

Secure: Secure and trusted trade transaction environment since blocks are cryptographically sealed in a chain

24/7 System Availability: No downtime & 24/7 availability given the decentralized network architecture that prevents overall system failure

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