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    Digitization & Funding

    To digitize your trade processes or to seek working capital to expand your business, Triterras offers you the perfect, customized solution tailored to your needs.


    Trade Financing

    Looking for a lucrative fixed income asset class that offers consistently high-yields with low volatility and minimal market correlation? Triterras simplifies your access to Trade Finance funding opportunities.


    Investor Relations

    Comprehensive access to SEC filings, press releases, financial results, investor "FAQs", Board of Directors and Corporate Governance policies.

next-generation trade finance solutions for smes
Triterras Inc
“One of the First Movers”
of Trade Finance platform that addresses the urgent need to Digitize Trade.

Triterras is a global fintech company and is a leading innovator of inclusive finance solutions for the world’s Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Our end-to-end solutions are transforming the trade and trade finance ecosystem by providing economically viable financing to mid-market companies worldwide.

A container ship in export and import business and logistics illustrates trade finance.


Systemic difficulties, such as the cost, complexity, and risk-associated manual processes stymie trade finance transactions.

Triterras is reinventing trade and redefining trade finance with our industry-leading blockchain-enabled trade finance platform, Kratos.


Global liquidity tends to be concentrated within the biggest institutions and their clients. Over half of trade finance requests by MSMEs are rejected, against just 7 percent for multinational companies.

Triterras’ trade finance solutions for MSMEs are designed to help forge new trading partnerships, discover new liquidity pools, and establish new business models.

Through distributed ledger technology, Triterras provides access to smart contracts, enhanced security features, robust control capabilities, and a real-time entryway to new sources of trade finance.


A business project rejection stamp indicates SMEs rejected by banks.

Enabling inclusive financial solutions

  • For Traders - Trade Digitization

    Exporters can modernize the supply chain and accelerate trade by connecting seamlessly with trade finance lenders and partners.

  • For Traders - Capital Financing

    Traders can unlock access to working capital and gain a competitive edge to grow and expand in the global markets.

  • For Funders

    Institutional investors can diversify portfolios with trade finance a fixed-income asset class that offers strong yields, low default rates and other compelling strategic benefits.

  • Triterras Inc.
    (OTC Expert Market: TRIRF)

    Connects clients to the global markets ecosystem and offers institutional-grade market access, end-to-end clearing and execution, and high-touch expertise.

Achieving Digital Transformation

in Trade and Trade Finance

Join the Triterras-hosted business network making international trade more efficient and secure. Reimagine cross-border trade with Kratos - a platform that creates an ecosystem of trust for global business and eases the trading process for all participants.

reshaping the future of international trade & trade finance

Triterras’ trade finance software solutions enable a better trade experience for sellers and buyers of all sizes. Learn how Triterras is scripting boundless opportunities in international trade.

Our Kratos platform offers transparent, risk-mitigated, and standardized trade finance and trade credit insurance solutions to help uncover profitable trade opportunities.

Our blockchain-enabled hubs and business networks provide the framework to operate with greater trust and transparency in cross-border trading.

Through digitization, comes transparency and the flow of data. A seamless digitized trading system simplifies the process to kickstart, accelerate, and break new ground for direct participation in the market.

Digital technologies improve supply-chain efficiency and transparency and promote adoption at scale. Our efficient tools and automated, data-driven processes make supply chains more reliable and robust.

Our blockchain-based supply chain enables absolute transparency and privacy, increasing confidence and control.

We offer reliable trade processes, streamlined integration of complex systems, and distributed ledger expertise accumulated over decades.

Financial advisors and professionals discuss on international trade & trade finance with charts and digital tablet.


At Triterras, customer success is at the heart of everything we do. Discover how our solutions have enabled our customers to realize their business goals.

Awards & Certifications

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LATEST News & insights

FinTech’s Green Revolution: Nurturing Sustainable Practices Among Small Businesses

BY Triterras
Ashish Srivastava, our Triterras' Chief Commercial Officer shares in-depth with Intelligent Fin.Tech, a global technology intelligence platform which gathers the latest financial information, on how FinTech has emerged as a crucial catalyst, motivating and supporting small to medium enterprises on their path towards environmental responsibility through sustainable trade finance.

Revolutionizing Trade Finance with Tech, Collaborations & SME Empowerment

BY Triterras
In an exclusive interview with Dubai Diaries on pages 18 to 20, Ashish shares his thoughts on harnessing new technologies (AI, ML), enhancing user experience of our blockchain platform, forging of strategic partnerships to broaden our global presence, prioritizing client data protection via regulatory compliance, and on how Triterras addresses a key issue that SMEs face in the UAE - impeded access to vital trade finance support which stunts their business growth.

Triterras Announces Collaboration with Card Cutters

BY Triterras
The collaboration agreement with Card Cutters will allow Triterras to directly promote its end-to-end digital lending services to their clients in the UAE; this initiative is a part of Triterras’ larger strategy to partner similar e-commerce and point-of-sale (POS) platform operators to provide such comprehensive financing solutions.

How blockchain is reshaping UAE trade

BY Triterras
Ashish Srivastava, Triterras' COO shares with Edge Middle East on how embracing fintech solutions which are based on blockchain, can bring numerous benefits to businesses such as having access to affordable financing options, enhanced transparency throughout the entire supply chain, being able to tap into a growing ecosystem that supports innovation and entrepreneurship, just to name a few.

Invoice Bazaar collaborates with Cari for financing solutions to Restaurants

BY Triterras
The strategic alliance seeks to introduce Invoice Bazaar’s comprehensive financial solutions to restaurants affiliated with Cari's food delivery platform in the UAE, which will allow them to manage cash flow more effectively, increase their promotional spending on the Cari platform, attract more customers and to stay ahead of their competitors.

How Embedded Finance Transforms Supply Chains, Fuels Unprecedented Growth

BY Triterras
A trailblazer in global finance, Triterras is rewriting the script for UAE's business landscape. Dive into the groundbreaking insights of Vinay Kapoor, our EVP at Triterras, as he shares with Techitup Middle East, a Dubai-based interactive media and content publishing platform for technology and business, on the transformative power of Embedded Finance and how it is reshaping the way businesses operate.

Triterras Collaborates with Oman-based Mamun

BY Triterras
Our strategic alliance with Mamun will allow us to provide short-term lending solution to MSMEs and white-label Kratos, our trade finance platform to the banks in the Sultanate of Oman. We will also be introducing Mamun's direct debit payment technology solution to help ease the handling of business transactions in the UAE.

Revolutionizing Trade Finance: Visionary Dive into the FinTech Landscape

BY Triterras
Srinivas Koneru, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Triterras, shares in an exclusive conversation with Dubai Diaries, his transformative vision on how the industry is poised to revolutionize small and medium supply chain financing and offers insights into Triterras’ pivotal role in this financial evolution.

How SMEs can navigate Trade Finance challenges in the UAE

BY Triterras
The backbone of the UAE's economy, SMEs fosters innovation, job creation and overall economic growth. Yet they face challenges in accessing trade finance which hinders their potential impact on the UAE's economic prosperity. To learn how SMEs can work around these challenges, read our article in Dubai Diaries here.

World Trade Board launches plan to empower SMEs through trade and finance

MSMEs make up around 90% of businesses globally, but accounted for just 23% of applications for trade finance in 2020. Despite their low representation, these smaller firms made up 40% of rejected trade finance applications. This mismatch between demand for and supply of trade financing known as the trade finance gap, is growing rapidly - from an estimated $1.5 trillion in 2018 to $2 trillion in 2022, and shows no signs of slowing.

The Changing Face of Supply Chain Finance: New Corridors & New Techniques

BY Triterras
Watch Marina Narganes, our Triterras' Head of Distribution & Sales Strategy in action, as she speaks alongside industry experts at the ITFA Conference 2023.

Trade Finance: An Expanding Opportunity For Institutional Investors

BY Cambridge Associates LLC
Trade finance offers a differentiated combination of credit and duration risks, liquidity profile that can complement other portfolio allocations in fixed income and increase diversification. Discussions in the broader ecosystem of trade finance have consistently pointed towards a greater role for institutional investors to provide trade credit through specialized funds, which is expected to expand greatly in the coming years.
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