Company History

Triterras was founded in 2018 by Srinivas Koneru. Though the company was incorporated then, the idea inception and development for Kratos, our flagship platform, started in 2017.

We began work on Kratos to address the large trade finance gap for SMEs and to help streamline and digitize the trading processes. Kratos is our custom-built, blockchain-enabled, end-to-end global trade and trade finance platform. It meets the needs of both traders (buyers & suppliers) and financing sources like alternative lenders.

It took two years to develop Kratos and we launched it in June 2019 with the Trade Discovery module and added additional modules like Trade Finance in February 2020.

Kratos was immediately established and saw high usage from the first year itself.

Kratos's success showcased that we were able to combine our experience in technology development with our intimate knowledge of the trade and trade finance space to create a leading online digital marketplace.

Triterras is headquartered in Singapore, which is a large trading hub that gives us access to many necessary supporting counterparts – buyers, suppliers, lenders, and insurers.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Triterras Inc., Triterras FinTech Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-registered FinTech Company certified by the Singapore FinTech Association as a trade and supply chain finance provider.

We also have offices in the UK and the USA.

Triterras has been consistently profitable from inception and in slightly over a year since launching Kratos, we have facilitated more than 3,500 transactions and over $6.6 Billion in transaction volume (as of June 2020).

Triterras Pillars

  • Integrity

    We are in it to win it, but there is no compromise when it comes to fair play. We act ethically with high moral standards to be accountable in all that we do.

  • Innovation

    We pioneer change and challenge the status quo to foster an innovative spirit and entrepreneurial vision. We stay ahead of the market with solutions that make a difference.

  • Quality & Reliability

    We provide high quality and consistent reliability in all our services and businesses. We deal with each situation in a timely manner with great care and the right expertise and tools.

  • Knowledge

    We have a detailed understanding of the industries we are in. We also conduct due diligence for all our activities to ensure informed decisions are made.

  • Collaboration

    We are committed to working with our partners and clients to find synergies and add value by always being collaborative and open to new perspectives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Protection

Triterras believes that small contributions can cumulatively add up to make a larger impact.

In 2018, we committed to planting trees to create awareness of environmental protection.

Through our “Tree Planting Day” efforts, it is estimated that all the trees we planted will absorb/sequester an average of 9,640kg of carbon dioxide annually. We plan on continuing these efforts.

Community Support

Triterras cares for the community and values human potential.

We have been and continue to be a sponsor of organizations that provide rehabilitation to youths with addiction issues and organizations that help human trafficking victims recover and achieve stability.

Moving forward, we would like to further expand in the ways we support our community.

Awards & Certifications

MAS FinTech Awards
MAS FinTech Awards Winner: Singapore FinTech (Singapore Founder) For addressing real needs in the financial industry by continuing to accelerate the global availability of its blockchain-enabled KRATOS platform to traders and capital providers worldwide
Business Eminence Award
Business Eminence Award Celebrates key movers and shakers in the Singapore business community from across all industry verticals
Disruptor/Innovator Award
Disruptor/Innovator Award A business which has transformed, and made a difference to the industry it is in
The Innovators in Trade Finance
The Innovators in Trade Finance Honors entities that regularly identify new paths and design new tools in finance
The Most Innovative Fintech Company (APAC)
The Most Innovative Fintech Company (APAC) Recognises a fintech company which has demonstrated innovative spirit at a regional level
Top 10 Capital Market Tech Solution Providers
Top 10 Capital Market Tech Solution Providers Tech solution providers with prowess – permeating the market with a slew of end-to-end services and solutions
Emerging IT Company of the Year
Emerging IT Company of the Year An organisation that has demonstrated excellence in Branding & Marketing
Triterras FinTech Pte Ltd
Triterras FinTech Pte Ltd certified by the Singapore FinTech Association Singapore FinTech Association certifies Triterras FinTech Pte Ltd, a Singapore-registered FinTech Company, as a trade & supply chain finance provider
Certificate of Registration
Certificate of Registration Information Security Management System (ISO/IEC 27001:2013) Triterras FinTech Pte Ltd is BSI-compliant for the provision of a cloud-based commodity trading platform for clients, where the ISMS covers its employees, infrastructure and assets

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