<Role of FinTech platforms in the trade finance industry> by Swati Babel, Triterras’ VP of Business Development. Click to read article.

See what our CTO, Sri Vasireddy says on the Vision & Strategies for Digital Transformation


In a recent interview with Triterras’ strategic partner Unqork, our CTO Sri Vasireddy talks through his thoughts on digital transformation and puts it into a simple perspective – trade finance must value the customer perspective as the first step.

“Think from the unmet need of a customer perspective and completely leave technology and solution aside,” says Sri Vasireddy.

By empowering the front line to the customer to do more, we reduce the gap between what we want versus what is not there. Others in the industry believe technology is what should sit at the forefront of transformations, and that tech, as a standalone, can bridge the gap of business. But Triterras’ vision and overall strategy has a bigger focus on a lifetime learning of new perspectives and needs.

Triterras believes our approach has a knock-on effect that meets the developments, from customer to business, to product manager, to product owner to architect to the developer. By always learning, and building a plan of action that originates from the challenge, Triterras develops and further refines products that matter.

Click here to watch our CTO Sri Vasireddy, as he speaks alongside Steve Dunn, Head of Innovation & Fintech Strategy at SMBC and Yen Chen, Unqork’s Head of Capital Markets.

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Role of FinTech platforms in the trade finance industry

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