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Reimagining Trade Finance Through Network Interoperability

The still on-going COVID pandemic, labor shortages and rising fuel costs, have all resulted in unprecedented challenges for MSMEs in obtaining financing and market access to the trade finance market. Currently, 55% of the annual global trade volume is concentrated in APAC. How can MSMEs in APAC harness modern digital technologies to better improve supply chain efficiency and the transparency to facilitate trade and trade finance?

Transforming Global Trade & Trade Finance with Kratos, Triterras’ block-chained enabled platform

Global traders and lenders are facing many challenges today! Challenges such as inefficient data organization creates data silos and a fragmented data environment, with no single point of reference for trade-related data. KRATOS, our blockchain-enabled platform generates and maintains independently verifiable transaction data, thus establishing a single source of truth.

Trade Finance for SMEs in the Digital Era

Digitalisation of trade finance can improve, enhance, and expand SMEs'abilities to engage in international trading activities, and global value chains, fostering an inclusive economic growth.


Triterras Announces New Collaboration with Corpay Cross-Border

We're immensely proud to announce our collaboration with Corpay, a global leader in business payments! Through this exciting collaboration with Corpay's Cross-Border business, our clients and prospects can now gain access, and utilize award-winning platform Corpay to manage global payments and mitigate foreign exchange exposure for their day-to-day business needs, from just a single point of access.

Triterras Reports Financial Results for Fiscal Year Ended February 28, 2022

“Our results for the fiscal year ended February 28, 2022 demonstrate the performance of our business, despite the difficult operating conditions for the Company, the trade and supply chain finance industry created by COVID-19, and the related global supply chain constraints,” said Triterras’ Chairman and CEO Srinivas Koneru.

A Message From Alvin Tan, Chief Financial Officer of Triterras

Triterras has announced results for the fiscal year ended Feb 28, 2022. Our CFO Alvin Tan, shares his thoughts on how Triterras has remained steadfast, with a steely focus in continuing to create value to all our stakeholders, despite the unprecedented pressures on global supply chain.

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